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Horizon Custom Builder LLC  (Horizon Construction LLC ) is a local custom home builder owned and operated by Jim Case which has been in business for over 35 years, buying, renovating and selling commercial and residential real estate in the Bucks and Montgomery Counties. In 1990, after designing and building his own custom home, Jim turned his focus and attention on residential real estate doing renovations, additions and building custom homes.


Horizon's multi-level services include consulting, design and experienced craftsman in each phase of the building process. New home projects include single family homes on individual lots, semi-detached twin homes on individual lots and small neighborhood developments of 6 to 10 single family homes, with prices ranging from $300,000 to $1,000,000.

Whether working on a renovation, addition or new home, Jim's hands-on approach working directly with the home owner both on and off site, allows him to provide more time and a higher level of customer service that goes far beyond the average large builder with their many levels of management. "It's important to be sensitive to stress that comes with any large construction project. That is why my system and team always has the individual client's needs as a top priority, keeping the stress to a minimum while creating some fun and excitement along the way. It's attention to detail and hands-on site management that allows our projects, whether it be a minor renovation or new home construction, to be completed with care, quality and on time."

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